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We help you become a dog behaviorist of your own(or any) dog.

  • Raising a dog can be a daunting task.

  • You might feel confused how to behave.

  • You are first-time dog parents and don’t want any behavioral issues in your dog.

  • You have so many questions but you get overwhelmed by information overload.

  • You want to learn how to control unwanted behavior.

  • You want to raise a calm confident obedient dog.

  • You want a support system.

  • You want to be part of a responsible dog parents community.

We understand & We care for you and your dog.

We are here to guide you, support you so that you can raise the calm, confident, well-behaved dog of your dreams and have a deep connection as well.



Once you join our academy, you will be added to our help center and you will receive access to our courses that have helped hundreds of dog parents in raising calm confident obedient dogs.

We do a live consultation session every week to solve any of your doubts.

You will be part of an amazing community of dog parents who help each other in raising dogs.

This is going to be an amazing journey for you and your dog.

Here’s a Sneak Peek at What you get inside the ‘OhMyDog Academy’

OhMyDog Parenting Model Video Course

A 3 days course that is already helping hundreds of dog parents in raising calm confident obedient dogs



This is the foundation for the whole course. Here you will learn the meaning of becoming a dog behaviorist of your own dog. Inside you will discover the following…

  • The importance of becoming a dog behaviorist of your own dog.
  • How the techniques helped people in strengthening their bond with dogs.
  • Meaning of a perfect dog.


Now that you have understood the foundation it’s time to grow your knowledge about the mind. You will get videos covering the following…

  • The mindset required to understand dogs.
  • How Dog’s Mind Works.
  • What & How to perform rituals of dogs.
  • How rituals of dogs help dogs to calm down.


Here you will learn that raising dogs is a transformational journey for you, in this, you will learn…

  • How this journey going to transform you as a person.
  • How to become an emotionally strong person.
  • How the life of humans changed when they started practicing dog behavior.
  • What Next..

You Also Get ‘The Perfect Routine For Your Dog’ Course, in which you will learn:

  • How routine affects your dog’s state of mind.
  • What should you expect from your dog?
  • Why fixed schedule is a must.
  • Consistency is The Key To Success

‘Issues In Dogs’ Course…which includes details of following issues:

  • Aggression
  • Dominance Aggression
  • Fearful Aggression
  • Hyperactive Aggression
  • Anxiety / Separation Anxiety
  • Obsession / Fixation
  • Phobias
  • Low Self Esteem

‘Dog Assessment Technique’ Course…which includes:

  • How to prevent issues
  • How to access your dog or any dog
  • You will discover the exact methods I have used to successfully assess hundreds of dogs, and learn the secrets that will help you prevent any issues from developing

You will also get support from the amazing community of responsible dog parents.

Every Week Live Group Consultations with all the members of our academy, You will learn a lot about dog behavior

Happy Dog Parents

Your Risk-Free Trial Preview

Use the information you get in the academy for the next 30 days… use my step-by-step system… transform your relation and the behavior of your dog.

If for any reason… or no reason… you feel OhMyDog Academy isn’t everything I say it is (and more, much more…) I want you to ask for, and get your money back. If for any reason you’re not entirely satisfied with your purchase, just shoot me a quick email, and I’ll give you back your money. No Question asked.

Frankly, if you don’t believe in every cell of your body That OhMyDog Academy delivers on everything that I say it will, I don’t want to keep your money! I want to build a long term relationship with you and your dog, and I can’t do that with a weak foundation.

Simply click the ‘Instant Access’ button below to start your new life with your dog today.

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PS. My time is limited, and since I provide full support for everyone inside the OhMyDog Academy, I simply don’t know how long this offer will be available for.

PPS. Please take a few minutes to read the testimonials from just a few of happy dog parents.

  • Just finished the course by Oh My Dog academy about dog parenting and how to understand and build a relationship with your dog. I have been following everything that has been recommended by Sunny Luthra and it has definitely made a difference in the behaviour of my dogs. Looking forward to learn more. – Dr. Gaurangi Shrawat Sarangi

  • I am so happy I had the privilege to buy and watch your course with my whole family of 6 members all learning at the same time and being on the same page. Specially at the time that buddy, our beagle puppy is still just 2.5 months old. I think this is the best time to mould her behaviour and ours 😊 – Navin Thakur

  • I highly recommend Oh My dog!! Sunny has shed so much information on how to treat your lil furry ones. His vast knowledge about dogs is incredible, its amazing how much knowledge he has about dogs and enlightens everyone else also with his knowledge.. – Sneha Pednekar

  • OhMyDog and Sunny have helped me better my relationship with my dogs and myself. – Sarika Patkotwar

  • Your course is excellent, knowledgeable, and really useful  – Mukul Arya

PPPS. Remember, you risk nothing as you are covered by my 30-day Unconditional money-back guarantee.

Get Life Time Access to our courses and community by enrolling in our academy which is available for just ₹60004999/- (One Time Payment)

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1) What do I get after joining OhMyDog Academy today?

You will receive full access to the member’s area of the OhMyDog Academy today.

You will get:

  • Cutting-edge dog parenting science and techniques.

  • Gentle force-free techniques ONLY.

  • A HUGE archive covering almost every dog behavior problem you could think of.

  • Tailor-made solutions for behavior problems that tackle the root cause.
  • Exclusive information from a professional dog behaviorist with years of experience.

  • Ability to submit questions directly to me for answering through my support system.

  • A private forum where members can discuss dogs and dog training, or just chat and connect with like-minded people.

  • An online member’s area which means you can easily access all of the information on the go.

2) Is there a risk here?

The answer there is an emphatic NO.

Absolutely not.

Every part of OhMyDog Academy uses a 100% force-free method.

It’s not only designed to boost calmness and confidence in your dog and eliminate problem behaviors, but also to develop a stronger more loving, and loyal bond between you and your dog.

Plus – there is no risk on your part because you have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

And finally, many people ask…

3) For what length of time will this program be available?

The answer there is – I simply do not know.

Like I said…I provide full support for every dog parent.

So I have to limit the number of people who can purchase the course.

So the bottom line is…

You need to hurry,

Hit the button below right now and start your journey to having an amazing calm confident obedient dog by developing a deep relationship.

Get LifeTime Access to our courses and community by enrolling in our academy which is available for just ₹6000 ₹4999/- (One Time Payment)

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