I am grateful to Cesar Millan for enlightening us with his knowledge of dogs and energy.

Understand this
Dog is born with his nose open, after 15 days they open their eyes completely and ears in 20 days.

Understand this as well
Nose is the strongest sense of a dog. More nose they use, more balanced they feel. More eyes or ears they use more alert, excited, nervous, or out of balance they become.

Most people meet dogs creating loud noises(hiiiii babbbbbyyy) with excitement which trains a dog to use their ears and eyes. Dogs learn everytime we interact with them.

More ears or eyes they use, more habitual they become of overusing the senses which make them unstable.

To gain respect from the species dog, we first need to give respect to their way of being.

Nurture their use of nose more than often. Start practicing no touch, no talk, no eye contact while meeting them so that they can use their nose to figure out or meet you through their nose, which is their natural way of meeting.

Acknowledge the dog once he is in calm submissive state of mind which is their natural happy state of mind.

All dogs are born with calmness but they start developing behavioral issues once they start getting influenced by us humans just because we yet to understand the species.