Every Dog is going to behave differently after the lockdown, the difference in their behavior will depend on the way humans behaved with them during the lockdown. (Read it again)

Like us, dogs are beings of habits, they get uncomfortable when their routine gets disturbed. We are spending more time with our dogs due to lockdown, but the concept of time does not exist in the mind of dog. we also have to understand that dogs live in the moment, they don’t regret past and don’t premeditate future.

The way we are behaving is going to nurture their positive behavior(calmness) or going to nurture the behavior which can make them unstable(excitement).

They will not feel sad if you fulfill their needs. To fulfill their needs we first need to understand their needs, to understand their needs we first have to look them from a dog perspective and not a human perspective.

Our dogs are animals first then they are dogs then breed and then name. So, in order to fulfill their needs we have to fulfill the need of an animal and then dog, and then breed and then the name(Human concept).

There are three needs which we must fulfill on daily basis consistently in the particular order.

1. Exercise – Need of an animal.
Daily long structured walk is the best way to give them exercise and provide enough mind stimulant.

2. Discipline – Need of a dog.
Creating rules, boundaries and limitations are needed for a dog to remain confident, they have rules and boundaries in their natural habitat which is set by the leader of the pack. Human can create rules like (Playing time, feeding time, no entry in kitchen, no jumping while greeting). Discipling is essential for a dog to live in a calm state of mind.

3. Affection – Need of the name or human
Dog should earn the affection. Whenever we give affection to the dog, we are going to nurture the state of mind dog is in, if he is excited and receiving affection in that state then his excitement is being nurtured, if he is receiving in calm state then calmness is being nurtured. It depends on us how we want our dogs to be.

Once we understand dog psychology and their needs, lockdown or not it doesn’t matter because we will always fulfill their needs and nurture the calmness in them.

2-3 days before resuming your work start taking dogs on longest structured walk possible, help them to release the pent up energy. If the dog is excited and behind four walls then he is going to feel trapped which will create anxiety in the dog.

Life is too short to get worried, spend time with your dog, fulfill their needs consistently and give all the love you can to them, just remember whenever you interact with the dog he is going to learn something, it depends on us what we are teaching.