If you have pure power, you don’t need force.

While disciplining the dogs, human must look inside and check what kind of energy he is projecting.

People misunderstood leadership with aggression, so while disciplining their dogs they get angry or frustrated.

Leadership means the one who projects calmness first which follows with a strong belief of whatever the dominant one is asking for, he will achieve it and it is for the greater good of the pack.

If your are side submitting or disciplining a dominant dog, you must look inside and get answers for:

1. What is the intention?
2. How are you feeling?
3. Are you frustrated or angry or taking it personal or are you fearful?
4. Do you have any doubt on your abilities?

Human’s intention must be of helping the dog to calm down. Human must feel good about himself. In animal world frustrated and anger are unstable energy, and they can use the same energy on the human. Human must be calm, confident and should have compassion in heart.

This is not about training dogs but it is about training the human.
So, meditate and train the brain to look inside.