Evening Retreat Session

This Saturday, 22nd February we are organizing a retreat session for our close community.

Dogs are meant to live out in nature and not behind four walls always.

Take your dogs out in mother nature, let them explore the world and teach the behavior expected from them.

Timing: 04:00PM to 08:00pm | Location: OhMyDog Resort | Date: Saturday, 22nd February, 2020


  • 4:00PM – 5:00PM : Socializing Session

  • 5:00PM – 06:00PM : Walk Session

  • 06:00PM – 06:30PM : Dogs Feeding Ritual

  • 06:30PM – 08:00PM : Enjoy Special Puran Poli Meal and Relax.

Register Now ₹ 650

₹650 Per Human, No charges for dogs.

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  • Special Puran Poli Meal For Humans
  • Chicken Rice Meal For Dogs [Do let us know if you want us to prepare one for your dog]