Dog starts to hump when he gets overwhelmed and feels aroused because the energy of excitement has crossed the certain threshold.

Depending on the habit of the dog which he learned from the environment, playful energy can lead to excitement and when excitement crosses certain threshold dog becomes pushy, if the energy kept on increasing dog will start practicing humping which leads to dominance and then aggression.

As a long term solution to the problem, there are three things you must do so that your dog can enjoy more freedom in life. His pushy, humping and hyperactive behavior can take away his freedom.

1. Exercise: Take him consistently on long structured walk.
2. Discipline: Create rules boundaries and limitations at home.
3. Affection: Don’t nurture excitement. Excitement and affection both are different emotions.

To break the habit of humping and pushing, make sure humans don’t get excited with dogs as well. Humans should be the source of calmness and confidence. When you see your dog getting pushy, interrupt calmly by holding the collar of the dog and help him calm down by remaining calm.

Once he sits down or feels like calming down, let him go free. You are retraining his mind to associate freedom with calmness.

Take as many repetition needed, and don’t get frustrated no matter what, have an attitude of the greatest teacher in the whole world.

Be calm with your dog, that’s how you want him to be.

A leader leads by example.

In dogs leaders are born and in humans leaders are made.

Your dog is here to help you learn to be more calm and more assertive in life.