So, You Want A Home Consultation…

People often call me with a request that they want me to train their dogs, but when I say that I don’t train dogs, I train Humans, They laugh, and that is their first reaction towards hearing for the first time that it’s not the dog who needs training but humans who need understanding.

Hi, this is Sunny Luthra and if you are on this secret page then you already know me, heard about me, watched my videos on social network or someone referred me to you, and now you want me to come to your home to help you with your dogs.


The methods I teach are successful because of the approach I use, I help people understand how dog’s mind works, I help them how to fulfil needs of dogs and how to provide leadership in different situations.

So for that, I divided my consultation in two parts:

  1. Concepts
  2. Strategy


This part is common in all the consultations and in this section I teach concepts of dog psychology, rituals of dogs and impact of human emotions on the dog.

So, I  converted all my concepts into a digital course “OhMyDog Parenting Model” in which you can enroll and can get on demand lifetime access to all videos explaining you the concepts.

If you haven’t enrolled in it then please do it, watch it, then come back and apply for the consultation.

This way we can make best use of our time and focus on Creating Strategy For Getting Desired Behavior From Your Dog.

Enroll In OhMyDog Parenting Model:


This is the fun part, in which we decode the behavior of your dog and create an strategy so that your dog can live a ‘Calm Confident Happy Life’ without any behavioral issues.

I will give you hands on experience of Rituals of dogs and you will learn how to raise a calm confident obedient one even if you have no experience in raising dogs.

So, if you are ready to dive deep in dog world then game is on, please book a session now!

Apply For Home Consultation

Apply only if you are from Pune.

Thank You Very Much,

Sunny Luthra.