A dog has the power to change the life of human.

But, How?

Well, the degree of change depends in the meaning human gives to her relationship with the dog.

There are certain needs of the human and we fulfill them using positive or negative vehicles, intentionally & unintentionally.

One of the core need is of Love & Connection. If we have tried to fulfill the need of love in the past and multiple times we faced betrayal or trauma then there is high chance that we will fulfill this need by getting connected to negative vehicles like alcohol, tobacco, TV series etc. Etc.

A dog comes in our life and depending on our meaning to the relationship, he fulfills the need of love and connection in a positive way. That’s how they bring more positivity in the life and our life starts turning around because positivity attracts more positivity.

Take help from the dog, take help from the nature, raise your energy and bring compassion in abundance.
Dogs come in our life for a reason. It’s our duty to understand.